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The Search

Why we needed an Invisible Fence

Running back to the house, I tell my wife what happened, and panic ensues. Both of us imagine Carmy being hit by a car as she crosses the busy street right next to our house. We can't both go searching for her because our daughter is sleeping upstairs in her crib, so my wife decides to drive around in her car and search for her while I stay at the house and call Carmy's name on the off chance she's still in the area.

Luckily, Carmy didn't go far. Instead of following and crossing the busy road, she had walked across our lawn to go explore our neighborhood. That's why Barney barked earlier — he saw her run by the front door! My wife was just around the corner in her car, about to leave the neighborhood, when I saw a shape trotting towards us from a nearby crescent. It was Carmy, finally responding to our calls. She was safe!

We decided then and there to get ourselves an Invisible Fence.

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