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Using Invisible Fence for Pet Containment

Keeping Dogs Safe and Contained

When we bought our current house, the first thing we did upon taking possession of the property was build a wooden fence around the back yard. Not to be anti-social, but to let our dogs wander free while keeping them safe and on our property. You'd think a sturdy wooden fence would do just that, but we soon learned otherwise.

This is the story of why we ended up installing an Invisible Fence (a brand of hidden fencing designed specifically for pet containment) in addition to our wooden fence in order to keep our dogs safe. And, as a side benefit, we can also keep the dogs out of our living room.

Invisible Fence isn't for everyone. Most people install it to avoid having to install a regular fence. But the combination of a visible and a hidden fence might just be the best solution for keeping your dogs safe within your property.

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