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The Sales Call

Meeting the Invisible Fence dealer

We called the Invisible Fence dealer the very next day, and he quickly arranged a meeting at our house so he could meet the dogs and assess the situation. This particular dealer also sold inground sprinkler systems, but on this visit he was wearing his Invisible Fence hat.

The Invisible Fence system consists of three parts:

The system was expensive, especially since we had two collars to purchase and we opted for a second, standalone control module to keep the dogs out of our living room (more on that later).

Installation of the wire was included in the price, but our situation was a bit different than most. Normally people have the wire buried along their property line, hence the "hidden fence" moniker, but we already had a wooden fence and so the dealer would simply run the wire along the bottom of the fence instead of burying it in the ground.

After the installation, the dealer would show us how to train the dogs. A training video and some training flags were also included in the price.

The only ongoing costs would be the replacement batteries for the dog collars, which the dealer recommended we change every three to four months.

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