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Warning Signs

When you need Invisible Fence

The initial warning signs weren't enough to convince us that we needed to install Invisible Fence, but they seem so obvious in retrospect.

We noticed a small hole under the fence one day while walking on the adjacent sidewalk. The hole was small enough for a squirrel or rabbit but not large enough for a dog. Because of its size, we thought maybe an animal had dug it to get in and out of the yard. I went out back and filled it in with some dirt and looked for more holes. There were none, luckily.

A week or so later, however, the hole had reappeared. In fact, there was a second hole a bit further down the fence, and this one was a bit larger. I filled them both in and then used some stones and bits of concrete debris to prevent further digging at those spots.

You can see where this is going. New holes appeared and were promptly filled and blocked. We still hadn't clued in to the fact that we needed an Invisible Fence. Sometimes the stones and debris I placed were moved aside so that the animal (which I was fairly sure was one or both of our dogs by this point, but I had no real proof) could continue digging in one of the previous spots. Maybe they thought it was a game, but I just found it annoying.

Then came the escape.

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