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About Guide to Invisible Fence and Pet Containment

The Purpose of this Invisible Fence Guide

If you're a dog lover like we are, you know the importance of keeping your pet safe and contained within your property boundaries. You don't want a dog running off your property where it can easily get hurt or even killed, nor do you want them scaring people strolling by. And you certainly don't want strangers walking onto your property to tease or even steal your pet.

The solution that most people choose is to put up a conventional fence. That's what we did: we put a tall wooden fence around the back part of our property. But sometimes a fence isn't enough, not if you have dogs that like to dig holes under the fence.

What we ended up doing was installing an Invisible Fence system in addition to our conventional fence. Invisible Fence is a brand of hidden fencing sold specifically for pet containment.

This Invisible Fence Guide tells our story while explaining what Invisible Fence is, how it works, how it's installed, and how it's maintained. We hope it helps you decide whether or not an Invisible Fence or similar system is right for you.

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