Electronic Fence Dog Collars

These dog collars really pack a punch

The computerized collar is an essential part of the Invisible Fence brand system and other competing hidden fence systems. Mounted on the collar is a small plastic unit from which two blunt electrodes protrude. The collar is placed around the dog's neck so that the electrodes are in contact with the skin of the neck. Note that the dog's existing collar is not removed — the electronic collar does not replace the regular collar.

An Invisible Fence collar on a dog

Side view of Taffy's Invisible Fence collar

The collar is powered by a small battery that must be replaced at regular intervals. Normally, this is every three to six months, but the exact interval depends on how often the dog "tests" the hidden fence.

Detailed view of an Invisible Fence collar

The battery powering the electronic fence collar

Once the battery is in place, the collar automatically scans for the unique signal emitted by the control unit along the hidden fence wire. If the collar detects the signal, it beeps for several seconds before delivering a mild shock through the electrodes. The beeping warns the dog to leave the area.

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The strength of the electrical signal emitted by the wire can be adjusted by the dealer. The stronger the signal, the further away the dog must stay from the wire in order to avoid being shocked.

After the hidden fence is installed and the collars are placed on the dogs, it's time to being their conditioning.